December 24th, 25th, and 26th: Closed

December 27th, 28th, 29th: CAMP 11:30am-2:30pm + regular schedule resumed. Please text to cancel if you will be out of town! To register for camp, text 612-247-5473. 

December 30th: Regular scheduled lessons. Please text to cancel if you will be out of town!

December 31st & January 1st: Closed

January 2nd: Regular scheduled lessons and classes resume


Merry Christmas and Happy New Years!

Private and Semi- Private Lessons Spring Schedule 2017

We offer 50 minute personal training sessions tailored for dancers. During this time students will focus on flexibility, core strength, and acrobatic/gymnastic skills. Many students also use this time to brainstorm with their coach different artistic elements for their solos, as well as brush up on other dance movements such as, leg-grabs, leaps, and turns. Our coaches are trained in both dance and gymnastics, giving them a unique ability to come up with a wide variety of drills. We find that the drills help students build muscle memory and achieve skills with consistency. 

Fall & Spring Schedule 2017/2018


Coach Jordan: 2-7pm

Coach Jim: 2-7:30pm (omit 5-5:50)

Coach Sarah: 2-7:30pm

Coach Tyler: 2-7:30pm

Coach Jaana: In Studio until 7:30pm


Coach Jordan: 2-7:30pm (omit 3-3:50)

Coach Sarah: 2-7:30pm (omit 4:30-5:20)

Coach Juliana: 4:30-8:30pm (omit 5:30-8:20)

Coach Jaana: In Studio until 7:30pm

Tuesday Classes

Turns: 4:30-5:20

Flexibility/Conditioning: 5:30-6:20

Leaps: 6:30-7:20

Acro: 7:30-8:20


Coach Jordan: 2-6pm (omit 5-5:50)

Coach Jim: 2-9pm (omit 7-7:50)

Coach Sarah: 3:30-9pm (omit 4-4:50, 5-5:50, 7-7:50)

Coach Tyler: 2-9pm (omit 4-4:50)

Coach Jaana: In Studio until 6pm


Coach Jordan: 2-8pm (omit 3-3:50 & 7-7:50)

Coach Jim: 3-9pm (omit 7-7:50, 8-8:50)

Coach Sarah: 3-8pm (5-5:50, 6-6:50, 8-8:50)

Coach Juliana: 4:30-8:30pm (omit 5-5:50, 6-6:50

Coach Tyler: St. Cloud 3-9

Coach Jaana: St. Cloud 3-8

Thursday Classes

Leaps: 5-5:50pm

Turns: 6-6:50pm

Acro: 7-7:50pm

Leaps: 8-8:50


Coach Jordan: 2-8pm

Coach Jim: 2-8pm

Coach Sarah: 3-7:50pm

Coach Jaana: In Studio until 6:15pm


Coach Jim: 10-3pm

Coach Tyler: 10-3pm

Sunday Ballet Classes

Miss Haruna: 12-8pm