Frequently asked questions


Private lessons are $65, semi lessons are $32.50. We are no longer accepting cash or check, only credit card. You will be assessed a $20 fee for each week you register for during sign up. The remainder of your fee will be charged to your account weekly. 

Cancellation Policy

 If an unexpected absence occurs during the school year, you will be assessed full fee if you do not notify us 24 hours in advance. Your $20 pre-payment paid at sign-up to hold your spot is non-refundable. We do this out of courtesy for our staff. To cancel a scheduled lesson, please call or text 612-247-5473. We recommend finding another student to replace your spot and having them pay you the fee if your child can not attend. 

how to register and pay for a semi lesson

One family will register and pay the $20 down deposits of each reserved lesson. Please place the semi student's name in the semi-lesson box at the bottom of the registration form. The family whose credit card was not charged is responsible for reimbursing their semi-lesson partner for the lessons.

How many private lessons can you sign up for

Private lessons are 50 minutes long. You are allowed 1.5 lessons a week per student; one private lesson and one semi lesson. Unlimited camps and classes may be added in addition to the 1.5 privates lessons.

An over-view of camps and classes

All camps and classes are 4 students to 1 instructor ratio. Our camps cost $75 and are 3 hours long. Students must attend the entire camp, not just singular classes. During the 3 hours, students will obtain a greater knowledge of how to execute the proper technique in leaps, turns, poses, acro, conditioning and flexibility. 

Classes cost $25 per student and are 50min long. Our classes are by topic. For example, Turns and Leaps students will be grouped based off their ability and will cover skills such as pirouettes, a la seconds, fouettes, front leaps, side russians, switch leaps and much more. We frequently offer leg grabs, scorpions/needles, and stretch classes as well. Please see the schedule to find out what classes are currently being offered.

How To Register

To sign up during registration, select a time that you will be able to attend lessons for the entire school year (September 2019 - May 2020). Each person that registers will be allowed 7 days from the registration opening time to send up to 5 scheduled cancellations for lessons booked from September - December. If you plan to be absent more than 5 times, we recommend that you sign up for other client’s cancellations. At the end of this 7 day window your credit card will be charged a $20 deposit for each lesson that is booked. On the day of your lesson the remaining fee will be charged. In the case of a 24-hour cancellation notice, only the deposit will be charged. The second block of $20 down payment deposits from January - May 2020 will be charged monthly. You will need to update us of all schedule changes by the first of every month to avoid being charged. Only one guardian can register for their child’s time slot on the day of sign up. If you sign up for two time slots for one child, you will be responsible to pay for both.