The awakening team


Meet The Artist, Jaana Singh

Jaana Singh, owner and founder of The Awakening Studio, specializes in helping competitive dancers learn acrobatics, safely gain flexibility and develop strength training to enhance acrobatic dance mastery.

She has an eye for technique and is a stickler for professional execution concerning form. Jaana is passionate about helping students grow in confidence while teaching them life ethics. She studies under a seasoned physical therapist and works with her team to infuse a PT base into their dancers’ training. She implements strong technique and knowledge concerning injury prevention as priorities in the studio. She has a competitive gymnastics background as well as performed in classical ballet, swing, and lindy hop.

The Awakening Dance Acrobatic Studio was established in June of 2013 and has rapidly gained a reputation of excellence in Minnesota and surrounding states. The student’s ages range from 3 to 17, each one bringing a variety of skill level and experience.


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